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-This site usage guide-

1. Membership registration

Membership registration is required to purchase, view, and comment on tickets on this site.

Please complete the member registration / login from the site Top or the "Free Login" button in the menu.

When membership registration is complete, you will receive a membership registration completion email from Live Cafe Eclairsi.

You can also check your account information from My Account.

* If you have created an account, there is no problem even if you do not check the email. If you are having trouble registering as a member, please try changing your device.

* Facebook and Google+ link registration at the time of new member registration has ended. Those who have registered before can use it as it is.

2. Confirmation of live distribution schedule and details

Check the live schedule from the Live Schedule and press the "Buy Ticket" button for the live event you are looking for.

3. Ticket selection for performers

A list of tickets for the artists who will appear in the live broadcast will be displayed. Please click the "Select" button for your desired artist ticket and proceed to the purchase screen. (* The ticket amount is displayed as the total of the ticket fee + system usage fee of 250 yen.)

4. Ticket purchase

Select your ticket payment method and press the "Buy" button. The payment method is [credit / debit card, PayPal, convenience store payment]. Please fill in the required items to complete the purchase.

You will receive an email from Live Cafe Eclairsi when the HP purchase process is complete.

* Our e-mail may get caught in the junk e-mail filter. When the ticket purchase is completed, you will be able to enter the viewing page of the event, so even if you do not receive an email, if you click the corresponding viewing page button and put it in the viewing page, the purchase is completed. ..

5. Watch live streaming

If you log in with the account you used when purchasing the ticket, you can enter the live streaming page by pressing the "Watch Page" button from the relevant live schedule. (* Please note that you cannot enter with an account that has not purchased tickets.) 

Click here to see a sample of the streaming viewing page

If there is a problem with operation

* The operation of live video and this site may be affected by the equipment used and the internet connection status. If it doesn't work, please try the following measures.

1. Change browser, update

2. Change the equipment used

3. Increase the line speed using Wifi or wired LAN

* Currently, the Google Chrome browser seems to be the most stable for both PCs and smartphones.

You can check the browser you are using here.

Please refer to this FAQ for various questions such as not being able to buy tickets or not receiving emails.

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